Activation events (sometimes called experiential marketing) are employed by large brands and scrappy startups to draw in users and to urge attention on social networks. While still a comparatively new marketing channel, events are often extremely effective at delivering both in-store traffic and online accolades.

Activation events allow brands to make the experiences necessary to win the proper audience, bring traffic in-store, and introduce new merchandise. These events draw customers out of their homes and thus can’t be replicated online. The resulting in-store traffic is amplified by participants sharing their experiences online and laying down enticing optics for future in-store customers.

What is a Activation event?

Activation events are limited, exclusive, and well-planned. an honest event brings a coveted audience in-store, makes new merchandise accessible, and delivers an experience that’s memorable, shareable, and difficult to duplicate .

Activation events are usually one-time affairs that encourage customers or the general public to interact with a product or to ascertain the brand during a new way. you would possibly hear them called “experiential marketing,” too. These events (or occasionally stunts) differ by brand and market. Startups perceived as innovative tend to be the leaders in creating unique events that get attention. 

How to generate the proper idea.

A great Activation event must center on something that ties into the brand itself and creates a fun, memorable experience for patrons . the simplest ideas sit at the intersection of what your customers enjoy and your unique product offering.
Here are some inquiries to ask yourself to return up with the proper idea for your store and brand:
 Where are my customers presumably to use my products? How am i able to recreate that have in-store?
 What’s the unknown or hidden backstory behind my brand and founding?
 What are the unique features of my store and products? How am i able to tell that story through an activity?
 Are my customers interested in beauty? The outdoors? Competition? Sports?
 How am i able to get customers to interact with each other?
Now that you’ve got some ideas in mind, let’s mention the way to put them into action

Use your space.

Activation events are effective because they carry people into your store. this suggests attendees have an opportunity to speak with you directly and to interact with new merchandise.
Use that to your advantage by choosing your store because the location for your event. During planning, confirm there’s movement from one area/department to a different . This helps customers see your store during a new light.
Even if your store is little , you’ll encourage new ways of seeing it by making use of “forbidden spaces” just like the stock room, the rear of the shop , or behind the register. (Pro tip: incorporate these spaces into your custom activities.) Done creatively, this will make your customers and guests desire insiders.

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